MKs Tibi and Glick agree to oppose muezzin law

At a panel held at Jerusalem campus of the Ono Academic Center, MKs Ahmed Tibi and Yehuda Glick discussed the controversial muezzin law.

Hezky Baruch,

MK Ahmed Tibi and Yehuda Glick
MK Ahmed Tibi and Yehuda Glick
Hezki Ezra

MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint Arab List) participated in a panel Thursday morning on the topic of the muezzin law which would prevent the use of loudspeakers in places of worship which blast calls to prayer at midnight and the early hours of the morning, in contrast to the custom in other countries.. The panel took place at the Jerusalem campus of the Ono Academic Center.

Tibi claimed that the law has nothing to do with noise levels but is being promoted because the government has said that the mosques are encouraging incitement, and since it was not able to pass a law against speeches in mosques, it changed the law to refer to noise.

Tibi also maintained that the ministers and Likud members do not favor the law but that Prime Minister Netanyahu insists on passing the law to counter the Regulation Law being passed by the Jewish Home party.

Tibi added that "Not only do they prevent an Arab from feeling that he belongs here, they push him into a corner and want him even to say thank you. This causes unrest and anger. You prefer Moshe to Ahmed and I will not agree to superiority. I was born here and this is my land.I'm in the Knesset to change things."

Tibi referred to Kerry's speech and said "No problem. If you want one state between the sea and Jordan, I will have a majority and the prime minister will be Tibi and not Bibi and I will behave towards you just as you have behaved towards me."

MK Yehuda Glick(Likud)also participated in the panel and said, "I spent many hours on the muezzin law. There are people living in mixed Arab-Jewish cities who cannot sleep. I live in Otniel and enjoy the sound of the muezzin. I hope what I just said won't harm me. I believe we can achieve more through dialogue and not through coercion. The day the law is passed it will create more suspicion. People will feel that the Arabs are being discriminated against. My job is to find the common denominator between us."

Glick has said before that the results could be obtained without a law. Justice Minister Shaked claims that an anti-nuisance noise law exists but is not enforced.

Glick said that "When I sat with Netanyahu he asked me:'Why is it allowed in Germany?'. I answered that in Germany they don't have the suspicious attitude we have. It's true that there are lots of children and adults in Lod who are aroused at 4.A.M but things must be agreed upon through dialogue."

Glick referred briefly to John Kerry's speech and said that "Kerry says we should respect all religions and then he says only Muslims can pray on Temple Mount. This incenses me. I believe in giving respect to all religions. There is room for everyone."

Glick criticized Tibi for saying that if the muezzin law passes he would encourage people not to obey the law and to pay the fine instead. Glick said that this was contempt of the law and he himself did not like the Amona agreement but told residents to respect it.

The meeting broke up after Tibi described the residents of Judea and Samaria as "land thieves" and claimed that this was not just his personal view but a High Court ruling.

In the wake of Tibi's words tens of students left the room in protest, whereas the Arab students present clapped their hands in approval.