Last candle call: Send Happy Hanukkah video clips

Send your Happy Hanukkah video clips to Arutz Sheva for our special worldwide montage Hanukkah video!

Yoni Kempinski,

The world's largest Menorah
The world's largest Menorah
Gil Teichman

Arutz Sheva is creating a montage of "Happy Hanukkah" clips from all over the world in order to form one video entitled "Everyone is a small light, together we are a strong light."

You are invited to film yourselves next to your Hanukkah candles with a short message including the words "Happy Hanukkah" or "Hanukkah Sameach" in Hebrew, as well as who you are and where you are from. (For example, recording this message: "Hanukkah Sameach from the Epstein family in Colarado.")

The clips should be sent by Whatsapp to the following number:


Thank you very much and Happy Hanukkah!

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