ISA: 400 attacks foiled

In award ceremony at ISA headquarters, appreciation certificates presented to agents who participated in six trailblazing operations.

Mordechai Sones,

Israel Security Agency awards ceremony
Israel Security Agency awards ceremony
Israel Security Agency

An award ceremony took place this evening (Tuesday) at ISA (Israel Security Agency) headquarters, at which the Prime Minister recognized the intelligence/operational achievements of 2015-2016.

The award is given once in two years in appreciation for high-level planning and professional execution of operations that result in no collateral damage and are a significant contribution to achieving ISA security goals for the protection of Israel's citizens.

The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and ISA head Nadav Argaman. Awards were presented for six trailblazing operations, and certificates were presented to agents who participated in them.

The operations chosen for commendation represent the highest ISA achievements of the last two years combining uniqueness, sophistication, and extreme creativity in the areas of operations, intelligence, technology, electronic and cyber warfare - on battlefields near and far.

Among the operations receiving an award: Development of advanced technological capability for dealing with lone-wolf terror waves, operative implementation of innovative, selective intelligence gathering, foiling dangerous terror infrastructure that sought to perpetrate mass attacks, and developing covert methods and tools to stand against the full spectrum of threats with which the ISA must deal.

The Prime Minister said that the agents demonstrated unusual bravery. "In one year the ISA performs several hundred operations that constitute a bulwark against the terror that seeks to harm the security of Israel and its citizens. The operatives who took part in these operations demonstrated creativity, daring, sophistication, and unusual courage. The quality intelligence that these operations brought us was priceless. Many citizens' lives were saved thanks to the incredible preventative measures led by the ISA ... In the name of all citizens of Israel - I salute you and thank you for your fearless protection."

ISA head Nadav Argaman said, "We have gathered here this evening to express appreciation to our colleagues, in whose merit were advanced and implemented unique and unprecedented operations. Operations that led to intelligence achievements and significant results in thwarting attacks. The quality information, advanced technology, and excellent human material, those are the factors in whose merit this year more than 400 mass attacks were foiled by the ISA.

"You, with the achievements to which you led us: You saw everything that we saw, but you thought about that which no one before you did. You had the courage to think and to act beyond the boundaries of the known and the safe, and you caused things to happen. You saw the difficulties that reality presented us as a challenge, and you found the way to crack it."

Argaman added, "Excellence contains within it elements of innovation and creativity. The ability to create something from nothing, to think outside of the known limitations, to believe in an idea - even if it seems crazy in the beginning - and not to let up in the face of difficulties that obscure the direction that needs to be taken. You passed this test with success as well, and you proved to all that the sky is the limit."