'Organizations harming IDF soldiers will not enter schools'

New bill seeks to curb subversive educational activity in Israeli schools.

Hezki Baruch,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett is advancing a bill, prepared and submitted by Jewish Home party MKs Shuli Mualem and Betzalel Smotrich, that seeks to curb the influence of organizations acting against IDF soldiers in Israel and around the world.

The bill enjoys broad support from opposition factions as well. Those advancing the bill estimate that it will be brought for approval to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation within the next two weeks.

“The bill seeks to grant the Education Minister, responsible for Israeli students, the authority to prohibit persons or organizations who are not part of the educational system from appearing within educational institutions to hold activities subversive to the goals of education, or activities which act to harm IDF soldiers, who enjoy a consensus in Israeli society,” the bill says.

Minister Bennett said this morning that “organizations that go around the world harming IDF soldiers will not enter schools. The educational system is investing much in advancing values such as contributing to the State, and nobody in Israel or elsewhere will corrupt this."

“In coming weeks we will act together with our partners in the government, and we will pass this important bill.”

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