Berlin terrorist traveled to Italy through France

Surveillance footage confirms that Anis Amri transited through the French city of Lyon by train.

Ben Ariel,

Site of Berlin terror attack
Site of Berlin terror attack

Surveillance footage confirms that Anis Amri, who carried out last week’s truck attack in Berlin, transited through the French city of Lyon by train, i24news reported on Monday, citing a source close to the investigation.

"A man corresponding to the killer was spotted on the afternoon of Thursday, December 22, on a platform at the (Lyon-Part-Dieu) station wearing a cap and backpack," the source said, confirming media reports. "He appears alone in these images."

The source said that French officials believe that it is at the Lyon station that Amri bought a ticket to Chambéry, which lies between Lyon and the Italian border.

Amri was killed during a shootout with Italian forces in Milan on Friday, four days after the deadly terrorist attack in Berlin.

The source cited by i24news said investigators are still trying to determine how 24-year-old Amri was able to leave the German capital to reach France and then Italy.

The terrorist attack, in which 12 people including Israeli citizen Dalia Elyakim was murdered, was claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

"The perpetrator of the operation…in Berlin is a soldier of the Islamic State and he executed the operation in response to calls to target nationals of the coalition countries," the group claimed on its media apparatus, the Amaq news agency.

German authorities are probing whether Amri had help before or after the attack. Hundreds of investigators are set to work on the case throughout the holiday season, noted i24news.

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