Russian official: Plane crash caused by error, not terror

Russian Transportation Minister says Sunday's plane crash caused by technical issue or human error.

Eliran Aharon ,

Scene of Russian plane crash
Scene of Russian plane crash

Russia's Transportation Minister said on Monday morning that Sunday's plane crash was the result of human error or a technical issue.

The Russian military Tu-154 disappeared and crashed on Sunday over the Black Sea, while carrying 91 passengers and crew on board. The crash occurred 20 minutes after takeoff, when the plane was already on its way to Syria's Latakia province.

Passengers on the plane included the famous Red Army Choir, who had been on their way to perform in Syria.

Russian Defense Ministry's Media Service and Information Director Major-General Igor Konashenkov told the media no one had survived the crash.

"We've found the crash location. We found no survivors," Konashenkov said.

Roman Volotov, a member of the Red Army Choir, told how his life was saved.

"I was on my way to the airplane when the receptionist told me, 'Are you joking?! This passport isn't valid.' I was really embarrassed and confused, but I went home. In the afternoon, I found my name at the top of the list of deceased choir members. I cried. My friends and family were in shock," Volotov said.

Last week, a Russian military transport plane crashed in Siberia. All 32 passengers, along with 7 crew members, survived. However, most were transferred to the local hospital for treatment.