'PM waved a white flag in front of Hamas'

Family of missing soldier Hadar Goldin slams government for returning terrorists' bodies without mentioning bodies of soldiers held by Hamas

Ido Ben Porat,

Parents of Hadar Goldin
Parents of Hadar Goldin
Yoni Kmepinsky

The family of fallen soldier Hadar Goldin accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of "raising a white flag" and surrendering to Hamas after Israel returned the bodies of 16 terrorists who were killed while carrying out attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The bodies were released in two stages. Nine bodies of terrorists were returned this past Friday. An additional seven bodies were returned a week earlier.

"It seems the Prime Minister has waved a white flag in front of Hamas and has given up on returning Hadar and Oren [Shaul] home." Goldin's family said. "For a long time, the Israeli government has demonstrated a terrible weakness against terror and against Hamas."

"While Hadar and Oren are in captivity, Netanyahu releases the bodies of terrorists, upgrades the infrastructure of Gaza, pays salaries to Hamas terrorists and provides goods to Gaza which no government ever has in the past. All of this occurs without Israel asking for information on the whereabouts of Hadar and Oren and without having conducted negotiations for their return," the family added.

The Goldin family is not impressed by Netanyahu's promises to bring the bodies of Hadar and Oren back home. "The statements that the Prime Minister and his ministers that Israel is doing everything in its power to bring its children back have been revealed to be empty words."