A Suffering Widow's Plea: We Must Reach Our Goal

"My Husband is Gone. My 7 Children Are Now Orphans. What Now?"

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The orphans
The orphans
Kupat Ha'Ir

In these two weeks since my husband passed away and left my seven children without a father, our grief has been mixed with gratitude for the generosity of klal yisroel. Images of our suffering spread across the world, and the gedolei yisroel spoke out on our behalf.

Please, do not underestimate just how little we have.

Questions of mourning haunt me: 'How can a talmid chacham, with seven children who depend on him, be taken away so gruesomely? How can I be left alone with nothing to move on?'

But he is gone. The shiva is over. And now life must go on.

We have seven beautiful children, and live very modestly as is. I see the pain in their eyes, and it is devastating. I know they are afraid. And I am afraid too. I am an orphan as well, and there are no parents for us to turn to for support at this time.


There is only me, one woman, left in this time of grieving, to keep my sweet children alive & find a way to move on. There is also you. If you are reading this, you have the power to help us begin again. Please, I have almost no family left in this world. But you, Am Yisroel, can be my family.

And with your help, my family can begin again with new hope for the future. Please, I am begging you, give what you can


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