Supreme Court grants 45-day delay for Amona evacuation

Court agrees to government's request to push off eviction of Amona residents by 45 days, after residents pledge not to resist evacuation.

Ido Ben Porat, | updated: 21:31


The Supreme Court agreed Thursday evening to the coalition government’s request for a 45-day postponement for the evacuation of Amona, currently slated for December 25th.

Under the court’s latest order, the evacuation of Amona and its partial relocation to a nearby site must take place on or before February 8th, 2017.

The government had requested the delay after a compromise agreement was brokered for the relocation of Amona’s residents. In an appeal to the court, the state had argued that additional time was required to prepare new homes for evictees and fulfill the government’s obligations under the agreement.

While the Supreme Court permitted the postponement, the ruling added that there would be no further delays.

“This is the last and final extension order, even if no alternative housing solution is found,” the court declared.

Earlier on Thursday, the court had demanded residents guarantee that they would uphold their end of the deal, pledging in writing not to resist the eviction. An earlier written pledge was rejected by the court, which said the promise was conditioned on the government fulfilling its obligations and did not agree to that stipulation.