Supreme Court: Amona declaration not good enough

Supreme Court says that Amona residents' declaration of peaceable behavior during eviction must be 'unconditional,' demand resubmission.

Uzi Baruch,

Supreme Court headed by Miriam Naor
Supreme Court headed by Miriam Naor
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The judges of the Supreme Court are requesting that Amona residents submit an edited version of their declaration of commitment to a peaceful evacuation - and want it submitted by 5:00 Thursday afternoon.

The Court, in explaining its reasoning for demanding a revised declaration, said: “[The declaration submitted by Amona residents] conditions the residents’ peaceful evacuation without confrontation and opposition on fulfillment of the agreement that was attached to the State’s request to extend the [evacuation] date.”

“This was not the declaration that was requested in our decision yesterday [...] The declaration that the residents were supposed to have submitted according to our decision yesterday was to have been a clear declaration of peaceable behavior at the time of the evacuation without opposition.”

The judges concluded: “Beyond the letter of the law, we are allowing the respondents, residents of Amona to submit an unconditional declaration, in clear language, of the form that was requested in our decision yesterday - and this is to be done by 5:00 PM today.”