Watch: Youth attack people praying in synagogue

Several youth are suspected of entering a Jerusalem synagogue and trying to steal possessions - and then attacking those praying.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Youth attack people praying with iron bars
Youth attack people praying with iron bars
Courtesy of 'Behadrei Haredim'

Youth aged 14-16 are suspected of entering a synagogue in Jerusalem this week and stealing possessions from those praying at the synagogue. At a certain point, those praying realized what was happening and forced the youth off the premises.

The youth then returned a short while later holding iron bars, and attacked those in the synagogue.

From security camera documentation of the incident, one can see the youth raising the bars, bursting into the synagogue and striking those present while spraying pepper spray.

Those praying at the synagogue escaped the premises and alerted police, who opened a search for the perpetrators.

Six suspects have been arrested so far. All will be brought today to court for a determination of an extension of their arrests.