Katsav's family celebrates ex-president's release from prison

The family of former President Moshe Katsav welcomes the decision of the parole board to reduce his sentence and release him.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Moshe Katsav
Moshe Katsav

The family of former President Moshe Katsav welcomed the decision of the parole board to reduce his sentence and release him after serving five years of his seven year prison sentence.

The former president's wife, Gila Katsav, told friends that she is "happy about the decision." His brother, Lior Katsavn told Channel 2 that the family "is still excited about the decision."

Katsav thankes his well-wishers and said a prayer of thanksgiving. "Hodu L'Hashem Ki Tov, Ki L'olam Hasdo (Praise God for He is good, because His kindness is everlasting).

Katsav's attorney, Zion Amir, said that his client began to cry uncontrollably when he heard the decision to grant his release.

"I regret that he did not listen to me in the first place regarding the plea bargain." Amir said. "He would have saved himself all of those lost years."

Odelia Karmon, one of the complainants against Katsav, slammed the decision to release him from prison two years early. "The parole board reached a poor decision which clarifies to the women of Israel that we are in Sodom, and there is no limit to the contempt [for them]."

"The early release of a convicted rapist who refuses to acknowledge his crime, the same day as a celebrated army officer, the head of an ulpana, a mayor, and the head of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee are accused of sexual harassment testifies to the low values and morals of the society we live in," she said.

Katsav maintained consistently that he was not guilty of rape. The complainants publicized their accusations several years after the incidents allegedly took place.

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