Former President Moshe Katsav to be released from prison

Parole Board decides to free Moshe Katsav after five years of imprisonment.

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky,

Moshe Katsav
Moshe Katsav
Kobi Gideon, Flash 90

The Parole Board announced on Sunday its intention to release former President Moshe Katsav from prison.

Katsav was charged with rape, and was sentenced to seven years in prison. He has so far served five of those years.

As in previous discussions, the prosecution opposed Katsav's release, claiming there had been no change which would justify early release. They claimed Katsav did not take responsibility for his criminal acts and refused to express regret for committing them. Katsav, however, denied the allegations against him consistently. His conviction was based on the courts believing the version of the plaintiff with regard to her allegations.

Katsav participates in the Israel Prison Service's sessions for sex offenders, despite his denial of wrongdoing. The Board was informed that his behavior was exemplary.

A few months ago, after vehement protests from feminist groups and women's organizations, the Parole Board refused Katsav's request for early release, claiming it was "not yet the time to allow the prisoner to be released, and there is no reason to cancel the Board's previous decision."

However, they also said Katsav could appeal again within six months, as long as he continued participating in the aforementioned sessions.

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