Cancer patient asks for help

"The Cancer Has Spread To My Entire Body" - Please Help Us Pay For My Meds

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Kupat Ha'Ir

Only two months ago I was living a normal life. With children at home, and a wife expecting a new baby very soon, there was no shortage of things to be busy with.

That all came crashing down when I was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, I was shocked when the doctors told me that the cancer had spread through my entire body.

But I will not give up this fight.

I have already undergone surgery, and am taking the meds I need to save my life. However we simply cannot stay financially afloat in a time like this, without help. I am begging you, please hep me to cover the surgeries & meds that I need to get better. My family is already fearful of losing me. In this time that I cannot support them, should they also suffer without the daily necessities that we can no longer afford?

I must fight for my life. I must fight for my wife, and children. But we need your help.

Please daven for Reuven Yosef Ben Chana for a refuah shalema.
You can also help us by giving to Kupat Ha'Ir foundation .

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