WATCH: London student chooses new Bnei Akiva group's name

London student delivers 'fascinating' speech, convinces assembly to choose new shevet's name.

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Bnei Akiva representatives
Bnei Akiva representatives
World Bnei Akiva

This past shabbat, Shabbat Irgun was celebrated in Bnei Akiva branches all over the country and the world. During the Shabbat, the new group's name was released: Orot.

As per tradition, the Bnei Akiva Assembly gathered at the beginning of last week in order to choose a name for the new shevet. After the name was chosen, it was kept a secret until Shabbat Irgun.

In a video from the World Bnei Akiva (WBA) Assembly published on Saturday night from within the assembly, a student from London, Mia Gray, is seen convincing the entire assembly committee to choose the name 'Orot,' a name suggested by World Bnei Akiva.

Gray, who speaks in outstanding charisma, can be seen saying in the video how "We thought 'Orot,' 'Ori,' or 'Orah' will be the perfect name. Firstly, because it symbolizes the internal fire burning in the counselors, the fire burning in their eyes, and what better way than expressing it like this? Secondly, we are also 'Or LaGoyim,' a light unto the nations. Recently, there was an attempt to put us on fire and burn us down. How did we respond to this? We took this fire and turned it back to where it came from and converted it to light."

In the video, Rabbi Yona Goodman describes Mia's speech as "fascinating."

The WBA delegation included Daniel Goldbach Schinazi, a student from Brazil; Eduardo Abadi, a student from Mexico; Mia Gray, a student from England; and Efrat Metzler, the Director of the European desk. The WBA representatives said Gray's speech was followed by applause from all the members of the assembly, and therefore led to the choosing of the new shevet's name, at the conclusion of the debate on whether to choose the name "Nave" or "Orot."