Son of 'Sopranos' actor arrested for spray-painting swastika

The son of Sopranos star Michael Imperioli was arrested for spray-painting a swastika on a college campus in New York State.

Gary Willig,


The son of Michael Imperioli, who played notorious mobster Christopher Moltisanti on the hit show "The Sopranos," has been arrested for spray-painting a swastika on a college campus, The Journal News reported.

Vadim Imperioli, 19, was arrested for the November 20 spray-painting of a swastika in a dorm at Purchase College in New York State.

“We assisted SUNY Purchase police” in arresting Imperioli, said New York State Police Captain Doug Larkin “He was arrested for the swastika incident.”

Imperiloli faces charges of criminal mischief.

The vandalism was discovered on a bulletin board in the dormitory. A similar act of vandalism and hate was carried out during the same time period, when the phrase "Black Lives Don't Matter" was spray painted elsewhere on the campus. The investigation into the latter incident is ongoing.

Campus Police Chief Dayton Tucker wrote in an email on November 29: “I am pleased to announce that the NYS University Police has made an arrest in one of last week’s graffiti cases involving the rendering of swastikas.”