Derech Haim movement campaigns against High Court

Movement that aims to integrate Torah into government campaigns against High Court. 'This is immoral, undemocratic and certainly un-Jewish.'

Eliran Aharon,

Demonstrators near High Court
Demonstrators near High Court
Avraham Shapira

The "Derech Haim" movement, which is dedicated to leading the Jewish nation to conduct public life in accordance with the Torah's teachings, demonstrated this morning opposite the High Court carrying placards stating "Stop the High Court's dictatorship."

In a flyer distributed by the movement they wrote: "Salim Jubran thinks he knows more Torah than the rabbis, Menny Mazuz thinks he understands security issues better than the Chief of Staff, Miriam Naor thinks she knows how to deal with migrants better than the elected representatives, and the High Court is convinced it is cleverer and more ethical than all of us. It's time to stop this madness, it is immoral, undemocratic, and certainly un-Jewish."

As part of the campaign, posters were printed stating "High Court - ego,ego is what you seek."

Uri Kirschenbaum, a member of the board of the Derech Haim movement, said today that "We started the campaign to convey a very simple message - enough of the High Court's dictatorship, it is unacceptable that a small group representing a miniscule amount of the people of Israel should force itself on the public."

Kirschenbaum added that "our struggle is not sectorial. The High Court is harming all of us. Today it is Amona, yesterday it was the residents of Tel Aviv who continue to suffer from the migrant population and tomorrow it could be any one of us. We call on everyone to join our struggle. We will return the High Court to its true proportions, and then we can conduct a normal political dialogue here as it should be conducted in a Jewish state."