Bitan: Amona residents want a crisis at all costs

MK David Bitan (Likud) says Amona residents originally suggested absentee properties but now they want a "crisis at all costs".

Yoel Domb,

David Bitan
David Bitan
Miriam Alster

Coalition head David Bitan (Likud) expressed hope Thursday that the Regulation Law would pass its final reading and would prevent developments which the residents of Amona are going through.

"There are quite a number of houses which are in the same problematic situation as Amona, and we must provide a solution for them without reference to Amona. Unfortunately, in Amona's case, there is a court ruling which cannot be overturned and we are trying to find an alternative solution using absentee properties," said Bitan in an Arutz Sheva interview.

Bitan maintains that the new opposition to using the absentee properties must be rejected, since "the Attorney General and the Civil Administration already publicized the matter and asked people to send their objections and none were sent - you have to put an end to it at this point."

Bitan also accused the residents of Amona of trying to create a crisis at all costs. "We want to finish the matter next week and prepare the residents for relocation but suddenly they want to stay put. They were the ones who suggested the absentee properties solution. They are also against petitioning the High Court to defer the evacuation by 30 days. They want to create a crisis."

He says the Prime Minister could only authorize a postponement of the evacuation if the defense establishment says there are operational difficulties in evacuating the residents, such as if, for example, there is danger to life. At present, neither the army, the police or the GSS are suggesting such a thing.

"We will ask the court to authorize the new community in order to prevent a situation of violence and a violent altercation and I hope there will be another request for a postponement of 30 days, in accordance with our declaration that we will fulfill the court's ruling." added Bitan.

With reference to the Muezzin Law, Bitan said that the Prime Minister is insisting that it apply at all times of day (in contrast to the request by UTJ that it apply only at night), as it does in most modern countries; even in Muslim countries, there is no muezzin calling people to prayer - and it is a matter which affects one's quality of life.