Bnei Akiva petition to allow Jonathan Pollard to move to Israel

Bnei Akiva starts petition to remove the restrictive parole conditions on Jonathan Pollard 1 year after his release from prison.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jonathan and Esther Pollard
Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Jonathan Pollard will mark one year since his release from prison tomorrow.

Pollard, who remains on probation after spending thirty years behind bars for espionage, still faces severe restrictions on his freedom of movement. He cannot leave his apartment between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM. He is forced to wear an ankle bracelet with GPS tracking. And his computers are under constant surveillance, preventing him from finding a job in his profession as an analyst for computer firms.

Pollard's lawyers called the restrictions imposed on their client “vindictive and retaliatory.”

With the anniversary of Pollard's release approaching the Bnei Akiva movement has circulated a petition calling on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President-elect Donald Trump to work together to remove the restrictions on Pollard and allow him to emigrate to Israel with his wife, Esther.

Bnei Akiva will also hold vigils in which they will recite Psalms for Pollard's full release tomorrow.

The Deputy Head of Bnei Akiva, Yair Shahal, said: "After Pollard was released from prison a year ago a lot of people moved on, feeling that the campaign [to free him] was successful. His release was significant, but for us it is not the end of the fight. Bnei Akiva will continue to work so that Pollard can finally return to the land of his ancestors in freedom and without restrictions or prohibitions."