MK Shaked: Previous governments gave courts idiotic answers

Justice Minister says Amona crisis caused by previous governments giving idiotic answers to High Court.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Ayeket Shaked
Ayeket Shaked
Office of Shake'd spokeswoman

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said that the struggle over Amona was allowed to reach the point where a solution was found only weeks before the town was scheduled to be destroyed because previous governments gave "idiotic answers" to High Court whenever the issue was raised.

"We inherited a ruling [which came from] the idiotic answers previous governments gave the High Court." Shaked told journalist Ariel Sigal of Army Radio. "The answers previously given about Amona were 'we know there is a demolition order so we agree that it should be demolished.'" Of course the courts would rule in favor of demolition if the government said it was willing to accept it, she said.

"Today the Government doesn't give such ridiculous answers to the High Court." she explained. "The matter is not yet fully settled, but I hope we will succeed. We are addressing the issue point by point, finding solutions and going on. We have not completed our work, but hope we will succeed."

Shaked also addressed the gilded statue of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu set up in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square on Monday night. "I believe in almost total freedom of expression, except in cases of calls for violence or murder." She added that she was against any attempt to silence either the right or the left.

The statue's placement went against municipality by-laws for public places, but its point was to encourage discussion of the government on the part of both left and right.

According to Shaked, freedom of expression should be protected "maximally" by the state.