8 wounded in yeshiva fire in northern Israel

Fire breaks out in yeshiva in Maalot in upper Galilee, 8 students injured.

Orly Harari ,

Fire in Maalot yeshiva
Fire in Maalot yeshiva
Police Spokesperson

Eight students at a yeshiva in northern Israel were wounded early Wednesday morning when a fire broke out in the building.

The students, aged 18 to 19, suffered smoke inhalation at the Shorashim High School Yeshiva in Maalot, located east of Nahariya not far from the border with Lebanon.

Five firefighting units were deployed to fight the blaze. Three students were rescued from the building before firefighters got the blaze under control, eventually extinguishing it.

MDA first responders were called to the scene to treat students injured during the fire. Eight students were evacuated to the Nahariya Hosptial after receiving first aid from MDA medics.

Police say the fire was likely caused by a short-circuit in a heater in one of the rooms.