PM promises: Amona residents will remain on mountain

PM Netanyahu promised that the residents of Amona will remain on the mountain on which they currently reside.

Nitsan Keidar,

Prime Minister Netanyahu
Prime Minister Netanyahu

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu explained the implications of Sunday's compromise with the Jewish Home party on the Regulation Law Monday, despite the Attorney General's opposition to the law.

"We are working very hard to find a solution for Amona. I and I believe everyone here, understand the plight of the residents and appreciate their dedication." the Prime Minister said.

"We intend to examine the possibility of the residents being able to remain on the mountain, and even to stay as a community." he said. "It is true that they will have to move a few dozen meters, maybe even 100-180 meters, but they will be able to remain at the same location."

Netanyahu stressed that the issue went beyond Amona, explaining that same issues which have plagued Amona could recur many more times, and on a larger scale at other locations. "This is a question that bothers us when [the issue of] the settlements is brought before us. Therefore, we have searched for, and I believe that we have found, solutions...which are legal.

Netanyahu called on Coalition members to act with restraint on the subject. "We are in a very sensitive period politically. I ask all the heads of the Coalition...first and foremost the members of my own party, the Likud, to exercise restraint and show national responsibility, especially at this time. This is for the benefit of the settlements and also for the State of Israel."