Two terrorists imprisoned for stonethrowing, wounding policeman

Two terrorists sentenced to jail terms,fines and compensation for throwing a stone and seriously wounding a police officer 2.5 years ago.

Yoel Domb,

Stone throwing by Jerusalem
Stone throwing by Jerusalem
Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced two terrorists from the Old City of Jerusalem to jail terms for throwing a stone at a soldier's head on Jerusalem Day 2014, causing him serious injuries.

The two Arabs were convicted of intentional grievous bodily harm, attempted aggravated assaultson police officers and participation in disturbances of the peace.

The first convict was sentenced to 8 years in jail while the second received a 9 year sentence. The two were ordered to pay 50,000 NIS compensation to the police officer and a 20,000 NIS fine.

The indictment stated that on Jerusalem Day two and a half years ago there were disturbances in the Old City including stonethrowing at security forces and Jews.

The two Arabs met on Gai Street in the Old City and decided to throw stones from the roof of a house on El-a-Din Street during the evening hours. They gathered fifteen stones of different sizes including a stone of 46 cm. diameter as well as building blocks and ceramic tiles.

The Arabs laid out the stones on a stone escarpment around the roof of the house and looked down at the street below them from a height of five meters in order to locate Jewish passersby and throw the stones at them. At this point they threw stones towards the junction of Gai and El-a-Din streets were polic officers were stationed.

Police officer A who was stationed there to provide food for security forces was hit in the head by a tile weighing 2.9 kg. The stone hit his head and he fell over, bled and lost consciousness. At this point the Arab terrorists fled the scene.

The policeman suffered a fractured skull and a temporary loss of his sight as well as suffering from back and leg pains. He was evacuated to hospital where he stayed for two weeks. Afterwards he was transferred to Bet Levinstein (a rehabilitation facility for those who suffered severe head injuries) where he underwent a long period of rehabilitation.