The Holy Temple and the rectification of fire

Terror by fire and King Solomon’s חudgement: Will the real mother please stand up?

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Rabbi Chaim Richman,

Fire at the entrance to Nataf
Fire at the entrance to Nataf
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

As the terror scourge of fires around Israel are finally brought under control, existential questions face the people of Israel, as we confront the enemy in our midst and internalize the lessons to be learned.

This week's sobering edition of Temple Talk finds Rabbi Richman summarizing the anatomy of this wave of arson, and reflecting upon the political, spiritual and Biblical significance these terrible attacks against the Land and People of Israel.

Plus: in this week's Torah portion of Toldot, we learn about the brothers Jacob and Esav. Who is Esav today? Tune in to this week's Temple Talk!


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