'Thank you to all foreign firefighters who helped battle blazes'

Minister Erdan praised the domestic and foreign firefighters who battled the fires around the country last week for preventing loss of life.

Yissachar Ruas,

Erdan thanking foreign firefighters
Erdan thanking foreign firefighters
צילום: יששכר רואס

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan thanked foreign firefighters who worked to extinguish the fires that blazed across the country last week at a special ceremony at the Hatzor air force base.

"It was an extremely complex operation." Erdan said. "There were more than 1,700 individual fires, more than 70 thousand people were forced to evacuate their homes, and 1895 homes were damaged."

"We had to fight together, both firefighters on the ground, and pilots from the air, against 39 large fires that threatened many, many parts of Israel, and you succeeded." Erdan explained.

"But the most important number," Erdan stated, "is zero. Zero is the number of people who lost their lives."

Erdan credited the firefighters, police, and pilots for preventing any fatalities from the fires. "Jewish tradition teaches that he who saves even one life, it's as if he saved an entire world. You helped saved many lives and many worlds."

"In the name of the government, the firefighters, the police, and the people of Israel, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart." Erdan said.

Israel received aid from many countries during last week's fires, including from the US, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Britain, Azerbaijan, and even the PA.