The Land of Israel belongs to G-d

Gaza Disengagement Was Wrong in 2005 and a Mistake 4000 Years Ago Too

Dr. Joseph Frager,

Rachael Cerrotti - Flash 90

According to the Rashbam at the end of Parshat Vayera when Abraham made a Deal with Avimelech and his General Phicol in Be'er Sheva 4000 years ago giving Gaza to the Phillistines G-d was angry with Abraham.

The Parsha states, "They made a covenant in Be'er Sheva. Avimelech and Phicol, his General, then rose and returned to the the Land of the Phillistines." Immediately, after this Deal was consummated, Parshat Vayera continues, "After these events Elokim tested Abraham and said to him, "Abraham" and he said "Here I am". G-d continued, "Please take your son, your only one, who you love, Yitzchok, and go to the Land of Moriah, sacrifice him as a burnt offering."

The Akeida occurred according to the Rashbam was a direct result of Abraham surrendering the Land Of Israel which G-d had promised him for eternity, to Avimelech the Phillistine. In other words the "Tikun" G-d gave to Abraham was Akeidat Yitzchok. Had it not been for Abraham's mistake, according to the Rashbam, the Akeidah would not have been necessary. Abraham would have reached Mount Moriah in other ways.

Many lessons can be learned from this Rashbam. 1)The Land of Israel cannot be surrendered in a Peace deal or Treaty.2)The Land of Gaza is part of Eretz Yisrael. 3)The surrender of Gaza by Abraham caused major repercussions in Heaven for Abraham and his Descendants. 4)The Land of Israel belongs to G-d who gifted it to the Jewish People for eternity to safeguard, protect, and treasure.

The Yalkut Reuveni learns from this mistake by Abraham that No Deals can be made with the Arabs period. The Rashbam goes on to say that G-d was wroth with Abraham over this Deal because G-d wanted Abraham to safeguard the Land of Israel to insure every inch of the Land of Israel would be given to Isaac intact. Abraham's surrender of Gaza to the Phillistines went counter to G-d's plan for Isaac and his descendants hence Isaac was brought into this episode via the Akeidah. This is an incredible insight by the Rashbam that has tremendous consequences for the State of Israel today.Every Knesset Member and every Prime Minister of the State of Israel should study this Rashbam. The story does not end there. There is much more.

The Medrash Rabbah points out that the Deal Abraham made with the Phillistines in Be'er Sheva led to the murder by the Phillistines of Seven Great Jews including Shimshon HaGibor, King Shaul, King Shaul's Son Yonatan, Two other Son's of Shaul, and the two Sons of Eli the High Priest. It also led to the destruction of Seven Holy Sites including: 1)Ohel Moed, 2)Gilgal, 3)Givon, 4)Nob, 5)Shiloh, and 6and7) the Two Holy Temples on Mount Moriah. It is hard to believe that Abraham's actions vis a vis the Phillistines could lead to so much misfortune. Abraham was trying to bring Peace.His intentions were pure and good. Clearly, the Rashbam, the Yalkut Reuveni, and the Medrash Rabbah come down hard on Abraham for this mistake despite his peaceful intentions and motives.

This is an even more striking message to us all. The Gaza Disengagement after 10 years has been a disaster and a catastrophe. Two Wars have been fought against Hamas without an end in sight, Israel has lost countless lives, thousands of missiles have been launched, the wrong messages were sent with Jew expelling Jew from our very own Land of Israel, the wrong message was sent to the Arabs-a message of weakness, Jews to this very day are still misplaced from their homes, and a generation of beautiful children were traumatized for life and the list goes on.

Never Again should the Jewish People fail to learn the lessons from our past. Gush Katif shall rise again because it has to!