Ted Cruz to be Trump's Attorney General?

Trump's GOP primary rival spotted leaving Trump Tower after hours-long conversation with President-elect.

David Rosenberg,

Ted Cruz leaves Trump Tower
Ted Cruz leaves Trump Tower

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is reportedly under consideration for a top cabinet position in the Trump administration as the transition team begins its second week preparing for Donald Trump’s inauguration in just two months.

Cruz, Trump’s chief GOP primary rival, had refused to formally endorse Trump during the general election. The rivalry often turned personal, with Trump tweeting an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and dubbing Cruz “Lyin’ Ted”. Cruz, in turn, characterized Trump as a “pathological liar” and a “narcissist”.

Despite those barbs, however, Cruz held an hours-long meeting with Trump on Tuesday at the latter’s residence in Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The behind-closed-doors meeting bolstered reports Cruz is under consideration for a senior administration position, including Attorney General.

When asked whether he was in the running for a top cabinet pick during an interview with Fox News, a smiling Cruz avoided giving a clear-cut response, saying only that he was “eager” to work with President Trump.

“I’m eager to work with the new president in whatever capacity I can have the greatest impact defending the principles that I was elected to defend.”

While former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a prominent Trump surrogate during the 2016 campaign, was initially floated for the position, Giuliani later dismissed the idea, saying he would not seek the position, but would be open to leading the State Department.

An insider with personal knowledge of the transition team’s efforts confirmed to Bloomberg News, that Cruz is on the short list for Attorney General.

Prior to his 2012 senate win, Cruz served as the Texas Solicitor General, arguing nine cases on behalf of the State of Texas in front of the US Supreme Court.

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