Rioters call for violence, rape as election backlash continues

Protesters get personal, targeting Trump hotels, burning President-elect in effigy and even calling for rape of incoming First Lady.

David Rosenberg,

Anti-Trump protest in Manhattan
Anti-Trump protest in Manhattan

The post-election backlash against democratically chosen President-elect Donald Trump continued over the weekend, with rioters shutting down streets in cities across the country, while demonstrators "mourned" the Trump victory in public events at college campuses, high schools, and in at least one elementary school in Manhattan.

One 7-year-old child who voted Trump in a school mock election was thrown out of his house by his irate mother.

In Portland, Oregon, riots again shut down parts of the city on Saturday, with demonstrators shutting down several streets. The Portland Police Department reported that the rioters targeted police with road flares and in several cases, assaulted civilians.

“Protesters throwing burning road flares at police at Broadway & Stark,” a police statement read.

“Two people assaulted by group of people at SW 3rd & Yamhill. Medical being requested…Suspects all ran away.”

Nineteen rioters were arrested in downtown Portland Saturday night, some dressed as cartoon characters to avoid being identified while committing crimes.

At least one person was reportedly shot on Saturday during the Portland riots, CNN reported.

In some cases, anti-Trump demonstrators made personal attacks on not only the President-elect, but his wife, the incoming First Lady.

In Los Angeles, some 8,000 demonstrators marched in protest of the election results, beating Trump piñatas as participants chanted “Not my president.”

Saturday’s demonstration in Los Angeles was peaceful, in stark contrast to rioting on Friday, which led to 187 arrests.

In Washington D.C., roughly 150 people protested outside of the newly opened Trump Hotel in the capital. One participant at the event targeted the soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump, holding up an uprecedented sign reading “Rape Melania”. It is not known if police removed the sign.

Additional protests are scheduled for Sunday in New York City, San Francisco, and Oakland.