UN peacekeepers participate in IDF seminar

UN peacekeepers participate in IDF-led seminar on setting up field hospitals and administering medical aid in a battlefield.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

UNDOF peacekeepers in Golan Heights
UNDOF peacekeepers in Golan Heights

United Nations peacekeepers will participate in a field medicine seminar led by the IDF an Israeli civilian medical professionals.

The seminar, which will be held in the next few weeks, aims to prepare the UN for real-life situations on the battlefield, allowing them to save more lives and limbs.

United Nations peacekeepers will be participating in an upcoming field medicine seminar in Israel led by IDF and leading civilian medical professionals.

Israel was chosen to lead the seminar because of the country's expertise and advanced field medicine capabilities.

The World Health Organization visited Israel in September, inspecting Israeli field officers and giving Israel the highest possible ranking for emergency medical teams.

Israel often sends hundreds of volunteers to help countries stricken by natural disasters, setting up field hospitals and sending out search and rescue teams.

Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon said, “We are very proud to invite UN peacekeeping forces to Israel, where they can learn from the world’s top professionals on the unique methods Israel uses to deal with cases involving emergency medicine on the ground.

“Unfortunately, Israel has vast first-hand experience in how crucial it is to have quick and professional emergency medicine in a time of need. We hope these UN personnel will be able to implement our methods they learn during their visit to Israel into their missions and save lives around the world.

"Beyond our basic desire to help the world's nations, we also place importance on being able to show representatives from the world over the beautiful sides of Israel and our desire to make the world a better, safer place," Danon concluded.

The UN has 16 peacekeeping missions, with more than 126,000 personnel.