Woolsey: Trump will improve relations with Israel

Jame's Woolsey, former head of CIA, says that a Trump government will need to be better at working with Israel than Obama administration.

Yoel Domb,

James Woolsey
James Woolsey

James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, is now serving as an advisor to Donald Trump. In an Army Radio interview, Woolsey, who is currently visiting Israel, maintained that, despite Trump's lack of experience in governmental positions, he will be able to fulfill his presidential duties as well as Clinton would, as "in many of these governmental jobs people are working in an unfamiliar area and it takes time to get accustomed, but that will be the case for both candidates."

Woolsey said that the new government will have to be more positive towards Israel, as the Obama administration expressed excessive hostility and criticism towards friends like Israel, and I think that a good deal of what was done needs to be changed."

When Woolsey was asked about Trump's statements about Putin in light of suspicions that Russia is behind the frequent hacking of Democrat computers, Woolsey said that this was "political silliness" since Trump and Putin simply said "polite things about one another". Woolsey added that diplomacy requires politicians to say nice things in order to overcome problems, and that the US even had a working relationship with Stalin from 1941-45 even though he was responsible for mass murders during that period.

Woolsey would not, however, predict the results of the coming election, stating that he doesn't have any skill at predicting such things.

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