MK Mualem: Stop stalling over Amona issue

Jewish Home faction leader Shuli Mualem-Refaeli says she will promote Regulation Law if PM continues to stall over Amona issue.

Yoel Domb,

Shuli Mualem-Rephaeli
Shuli Mualem-Rephaeli
צילום: עצמי

Jewish Home faction leader MK Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli says she that she will promote the Regulation Law in the Knesset if the Prime Minister continues to stall over the Amona issue.

"Everyone understands that the solution for Amona is to follow the absentee ownership solution which is acceptable to all parties, but in the meantime there is foot dragging going on instead of establishing which lots have ownership issues and clarifying matters properly."

Mualem says that those responsible for promoting this solution are not working in accordance with what was agreed upon. "Either the Prime Minister did not issue a directive or he is purposely ignoring the issue," claims Mualem.

"The government will ask the High Court tomorrow to postpone the evacuation of Amona by a half a year in order to find a solution for the community, but unfortunately the Prime Minister is not fighting for Amona like he is for the Broadcasting Corporation. Everyone understands that Amona must be regularized. We hope the court will accede to the state's request because we want to respect the court and at the same time prevent the expulsion of Jews from their homes."

Mualem said that "If we feel that they are continuing to stall, we will propose the Regulation Law within the next two weeks." She said that the left-wing organizations opposing the communities in Judea and Samaria must be stopped.

"Amona is a strategic issue, everyone understands that the left-wing organizations have chosen to fight through the courts since they failed in democratic methods of opposition (that is, elections)."

"They constantly present claims against more houses and we can see that what will not be solved now may lead to similar dangers in the future. This is a critical point in time," warned Mualem.

She added that the suggestion of transferring Amona residents to Shilo is impractical, since both the residents themselves and world opinion oppose that solution, so it will simply cause more damage. Thus it is important to regulate the communities in the places where they are now.

"As we reach the 50th year after the Six Day War it is important to clarify that the Jews here are residents and not guests. Everyone must be brought to understand that we are here for good."