Bedouins attack police over demolition orders

Bedouin youths riding ATVs hurl stones at police at illegal buildings slated for demolition.

Ido Ben Porat,


Israeli police officers dispatched to protect building inspectors as they distributed demolition orders for illegally constructed structures in the Negev came under a barrage of stones Wednesday.

Masked Bedouin youths riding ATVs attacked the officers in Bir Hadej in southern Israel, throwing stones and burning tires to block off roads.

Back-up units were sent to the scene to ensure the orderly completion of the distribution of the demolition orders.

In a follow-up operation, large numbers of police officers, aided by an aerial unit, are tracking down and arresting those individuals involved in the incident.

“The police will show zero tolerance towards those who seek to injure law enforcement officials,” read a statement issued by the Southern District Police.