Miami-Dade declared 'red zone' for Zika virus

CDC urges pregnant women to stay out of Miami-Dade area; says anyone who's been there should be tested.

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Chana Roberts , | updated: 19:38


US federal health officials have declared the Miami-Dade area a "yellow zone" for Zika virus, encouraging pregnant women to stay away. Within that area are three "red zones," where the chance of infection is higher.

A "red zone" is an area in which new people are infected daily with Zika. A "yellow zone" is an area where local transmission by infected mosquitoes occurs, but not on an intense, daily level.

Though Zika is usually a mild virus, with mild or no symptoms, it can cause microcephaly, birth defects, and brain damage in infected embryos and fetuses.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested all women who have traveled to these areas, or shared bodily fluids with someone who has traveled to these areas be tested for Zika.

In August, Israel's Health Ministry issued a travel advisory for Florida, after several cases of Zika were discovered in the area.

In Israel as of the summer, nine cases of Zika virus have been diagnosed, all people who returned from abroad – five in Colombia, and one each in Mexico (or possibly Guatemala), the Dominican Republic, in Cuba – and one in Vietnam, according to Health Ministry data.