Jewish woman: I hid a bomb in the synagogue

Woman arrested for harassment, bomb hoax, after daughter not invited to party.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police in London
Police in London

London mother Claire Mann, 43, was arrested several days ago after she sent threatening text messages to Roz Page, another mother at her daughter's school.

According to Mann, Page's daughter did not invite her daughter to a birthday party. Mann also sent threatening texts to the wife of a local rabbi in 2013.

Mann attempted to trick the police by sending similar texts to her own phone, and blaming the threatening texts on Page.

In one of the texts Mann sent, she claimed there were explosives in a hotel Israeli tourists were staying at, and asked the rabbi's wife to "please arrange evacuation." The bomb turned out to be a hoax, and Mann received 3 years in prison.

Claire Mann had used an unregistered Tesco phone to send the texts, and initially denied owning the phone. Later, she confessed and said it was "a prank that has gone wrong." She also claimed to have thrown the phone away, but a search revealed it was hidden in her closet.

Roz Page, the recipient of many of the texts, said, “All of this began when she thought I hadn’t invited her daughter to a birthday party. Her daughter was invited, I had emailed her father but she didn’t believe me.”