British terror victim prevents funds reaching PA

Kay Wilson, who survived a terror attack in the Jerusalem forest six years ago, is working to prevent Britain from funding the PA.

Yoel Domb,

Palestinian terrorists
Palestinian terrorists
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A little less than six years have passed since the day that Kay Wilson and her friend Christine Luken were attacked by two armed Palestinian Arab terrorists while hiking in the Jerusalem Forest outside Beit Shemesh..

Luken was murdered in the attack and Wilson, who survived despite suffering more than ten stab wounds, was able to assist in the terrorists' eventual capture and incarceration in jail.

Channel 10 revealed that she has dedicated her life since then to preventing the transfer of funds from Britain to the PA as she is convinced that the funds will serve to abet terror activities.

Wilson has presented numerous lectures to different sectors of the British public including members of Parliament and her efforts have paid off. Recently the British parliament decided to suspend the transfer of 25 million pounds to the PA after it was persuaded that part of the money would be diverted to terror activities and to pay terrorists.

The decision was reached after more than three million British people signed a petition sponsored by Wilson calling on a halt in the transfer of funds from Britain to the Palestinian Arabs.