Eight hour truce in Aleppo

Moscow announces lull in strikes to allow safe evacuation for armed rebels and wounded

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A man searches his bombed home in Aleppo, Syria
A man searches his bombed home in Aleppo, Syria

Moscow announced Today that Russian and Syrian air forces have stopped bombing Aleppo ahead of an eight-hour truce.

The truce comes as an act of "goodwill" as the Kremlin faces harsh criticism for its actions in the area.

The Kremlin announced there would be an "humanitarian pause" in war-torn Aleppo on Thursday. The United Nations and the European Union said the ceasefire needed to be longer in order to deliver aid to those in need.

"Strikes in the Aleppo region by the Russian and Syrian air forces are stopping today starting at 10:00 am," Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said claiming that the lull was "necessary" to pave the way for a lasting truce.

Shoigu stated that the truce would guarantee the security of civilians and allow the injured to leave eastern Aleppo. he also said it would guarantee the safe evacuation of armed rebels.

Syria's second city, Aleppo has come under heavy bombardment since the Russia-backed Syrian military announced an offensive in late September to regain control of the east. Dozens of civilians were killed as air strikes flattened residential buildings on Monday and the European Union warned that the bombing campaign could amount to war crimes.

The UN Security Council was due to meet later Monday to hear a report from UN envoy Staffan de Mistura on the crisis over Aleppo, which has come under some of the most intense bombing of the five-year war.