New apartments in Givat Ze'ev approved at last

MK Uri Maklev negotiated with Givat Ze'ev Local Council for the approval of 100 new apartments for haredi community.

Gary Willig,

MK Uri Maklev
MK Uri Maklev

The Givat Ze'ev Local Council issued building permits for more than 100 apartments in a haredi development project, announced Council Head Yossi Avrahami and MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism).

The project has been the subject of numerous delays. The receipt of the construction permits allows the contractors to finally start construction on the apartments.

Because of disagreements between the Local Council and the Housing and Construction Ministry regarding the cost of construction of open spaces, the Local Council had refused to grant any building permits, putting the buyers of the not-yet-built apartments, mostly Yeshiva students, in a bind.

The buyers appealed to MK Maklev, who negotiated successfully with Avrahami, both standing firm to make sure that areas will be set aside for schools and public buildings to ensure the welfare of the purchasers. The Council was then able to issue the building permits, agreeing that the buyers should not have to suffer because of the disagreements that had taken place between the Council and the Housing and Construction Ministry.

Maklev welcomed the issuing of the building permits, saying that any new building for the haredi community will help alleviate the housing shortage the haredim face, and that when they see that permits are being issued, investors and contractors will be more interested in building new apartments for the haredi community as well.