Livni says Israeli democracy is crumbling

Livni states that “the settlers leading the government are weakening its democracy"

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
Flash 90

MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) attacked statements made by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked(Jewish Home) on Wednesday saying that “the settlers leading the government are weakening democracy."

Livni's statement came after Shaked published an article saying that "If we wish to strengthen Israel's democratic character, it is our duty to strengthen its Jewish identity at the same time."

According to Livni, the settlers that are leading this country only want a “greater Israel” and will do everything to weaken Israeli democracy and the judicial system which protects its values.

“In order for us not to feel like there is a clash between Judaism and democracy, the government is going through an entire secret process, which is teaching the next generation that democracy is simply a technical tool. A government that will erase what Jabotinsky and Begin stated, that we must be cautious of the opinion of the majority as the popular opinion isn’t always right.”

Their goal, Livni stated, is to have one state from the sea to the banks of the Jordan. “The result," she explained, "will be a country with an Arab majority and a prolonged violent conflict.”

Even if Netanyahu doesn’t want to lead to a bi-national state," Livni explained, "that’s where he is headed and that has serious consequences. When history judges him, his excuses won’t interest anybody and it will be too late. That’s why we need to act now.”

Livini emphasized that a Jewish state is important to her as well. “But I have a continued dispute with the government, what it says and what its values are: a Jewish state with equality and tolerance for its neighbors – yes. A Jewish state with hate which leaves women behind and calls for death to Arabs- no,” she said.

"A Jewish state that upholds its values with a strong judicial system that keeps the law and interprets it accordingly – yes. A Jewish state where extremist rabbis are the ones who decide – no,“ MK Livni added.

Addressing what has been seen by some as a conflict between competing ideals, Shaked, who is nor Orthodox, explained that Jewishness and democracy "are not contradictory. On the contrary, I believe that they reinforce each other. I believe we will be a more democratic state as we become a more Jewish state, and we will become more Jewish as we become more democratic."