Anti-Semitic flyers distributed at SF train stops

'Keep Jews away from our children.' Flyers warning of 'Jewish child traffickers' and Jewish 'serpents' found in SF area parking lots.

David Rosenberg ,

Neo-Nazi (file)
Neo-Nazi (file)

Residents of the northern California town of Lafayette discovered bizarre flyers littered throughout parking lots near BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) commuter train stations late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Locals noticed that the strange flyers, laced with conspiracy theory references, targeted Jews, referring to Jews as “serpents” and warning of “Jewish supremacism”.

The flyers call upon residents to keep Jews “separate from our children,” adding that the author’s message may be “CensoredByRacistJews [sic].”

Under a skull and crossbones warning sign labelled “Tribe of Dan”, a second flyer warns parents of a “Jewish/Italian Child Trafficking ring operating here; likely other schools!”

A report by NBC Bay Area linked the flyers to the operator of a blog which targets local Jews. The blog’s stated purpose is to expose “what Jewish cults have done to my country, my county, and my family” and to “brow beat ‘em, flog ‘em, and harass ‘em.”

“I get that it’s someone who’s probably deranged,” one member of the Lafayette Jewish community told NBC Bay Area on condition of anonymity. “Okay, that’s part of the world we live in,” he said. “But it bothers me that there wasn’t a concern. This guy actually has names of members in the community on the site. It’s not some remote, fringe group. They werent’ willing to listen to what it was.”

Despite the nature of the flyers, BART officials say they are unable to prevent their distribution.

“Appellate court case law rules leafleting free speech material on windshields is allowable and we cannot prohibit it,” said a BART spokesperson.

“It is really very upsetting,” Barbara Albin told NBC Bay Area. “I believe in free speech, but this seems like hate speech. The fliers should be removed and the police should at least know who this person is. They’re always telling people that if you see something, say something, but I tried to and I got nothing.”