'I see a human being, the defendant sees a pig'

The Jerusalem magistrates court sentenced Sheikh Omar Abu Sara to eight months in jail for incitement to violence and racist propaganda.

Shlomo Pyutrokowski ,

El Aksa mosque
El Aksa mosque
Photo: Nati Shohat/FLASH90

Jerusalem magistrate Shmuel Herbst slapped an eight-month jail sentence and a six-month suspended sentence this morning (Sunday) on Sheikh Omar Abu Sara who was found guilty of incitement offenses.

Among the things emerging from the verdict was the fact that in November 2014 the Sheikh spoke on theTemple Mount and said, among other things, "I say this to the Jews: It is time to slaughter you, time to kill you and we are ready for this in the name of Allah as righteous Muslims."

"We await the moment when the slaughtering period will begin," added the Sheikh. "When that day comes, the day of slaughter, we will slaughter you without mercy. On that day, O Allah bring that day, bring the day of their slaughter, the day of war, Allah bring the day of slaughter, the day of purification of El-Aksa from its filth."

The speech was filmed and uploaded to a YouTube channel with 2,174 registered members. By the time of the indictment, it had been viewed 399 times.

In the verdict, the judge noted the severity of the charges and among other things said that making such a speech on the Temple Mount added to the seriousness of the act.

In his conclusion the judge wrote, "I look at the accused and see a human being. It is a shame that when he looks at me, he sees the image of a monkey or pig which must be mercilessly destroyed. What a shame."