Wounded soldier testifies at Azariya trial

At the trial of Elor Azariya, the soldier wounded by the terrorist in the attack testifies for the defense.

Yedidia Ben Or,

Elor Azariya
Elor Azariya
Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

The trial of Elor Azariya resumed this morning with the testimony of A.W., the soldier injured in the terrorist attack in which Azariya was involved.

Originally the soldier was supposed to testify for the prosecution, but they decided not to use his testimony. When testifying for the defense, he said initially that while he was being prepared to testify for the prosecution, he was asked about the B'Tselem claim that he had shot the terrorist after he had raised his hands.

Later the defense lawyers asked him whether he was influenced in his recollection of events by his discussions with commanding officers. He stated that he had not spoken with them as he had been in hospital recovering from his injury. "The officers could not speak about the issue because the investigation was going on, but there was a pervading feeling that this was a bad event," he said.

At the beginning of proceedings, the defense asked the judges to order the prosecution to hand over the file and the opinion of the army's attorney-general regarding the case of former Binyamin District Brigade Commander Colonel Yisrael Shumer.

Shumer had been accused of unlawfully shooting and killing an Arab boy who was throwing stones at his car, but the case against him was closed.

The military court justices decided that first they would review the Shumer file themselves and then decide whether to accede to the defense's request.

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