Leftists protest against right-wing movememnt

Leftist and Reform activists protested against right-wing Lehava's goals and activities.

Hezki Baruch ,

Protestors in Zion Square
Protestors in Zion Square
Photo: Hezki Baruch

Activists from the extreme left joined with members of the Reform Movement in a protest on Thursday in downtown Jerusalem, against the Lehava organization.

Lehava works to prevent assimilation, and is headed by right-wing activist Bentzi Gopstein.

Anat Hoffman, who heads "Women of the Wall," said during the protest that, "This evening, we are breaking the silence. We're sick of Arabs being hit in the heart of Jerusalem. Anyone who speaks Arabic is in danger. Jewish terror abounds, but the police and the media don't report it."

Lehava protests Jews marrying Arabs and recently held a vigil outside a terrorist's home in an Israeli Arab village, after residents allowed the wanted murderer to hole up in there for a week.

When asked by Arutz Sheva if she disagrees with Lehava's activities or is against its goals, Hoffman answered, "There are no problems of assimilation between Jews and Arabs here in Israel. It's a myth perpetrated by racists."

"I would like to see Jews marry other Jews, but there is no connection between what Lehava does, and between walking into a restaurant and asking, 'Where are your Arabs?' That's a question from Sodom. Lehava activists do this, go to jail, and pay the price. Meanwhile, Gopstein sits at home comfortably. It's time to stop Gopstein," she said.

Arutz Sheva: Why aren't you protesting Arab terror against Jews?

"When there's an incident in which Jews are killed, the Reform Movement sits in its synagogues and at the junctions, and shares in the sorrow of the Jewish people. The only difference is that we are not silent when there is violence in downtown Jerusalem. Today, we're breaking that silence," Hoffman said.

Just prior to the protest in Jerusalem, a YouTube video from Rabbi Ronen Luvitch was published.

Rabbi Luvitch, rabbi of Nir Etzion, who heads the left-leaning liberal Neemanei Torah Va'avoda Movement supported by the New Israel Fund, which claims its goal is to bring Religious Zionism back to its roots, urged people to join the protest led by the left and the Reform movements.

"Enough with the racism, enough with the violence! This is a call to unite us all, every sane person in Israeli society, whatever his political views may be. May our voice become the dominant voice in Israel's streets," Rabbi Luvitch said.

The rabbi himself did not attend the event.