Don't miss this special opportunity!

It is unfortunate to miss the opportunity for the special teffilot at the Kever of Rachel emeinu.

Shutfim L'Torah,

kever rachel
kever rachel
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In this upcoming school year, there are 234 families begging for help...

It is unfortunate to miss the opportunity for the special teffilot at the Kever of Rachel emeinu.

The families Albom, Levi, Zarbiv and another 231 families are waiting in distress.

There is only one week left for them to be part of the program of our support for the 2017 school year, starting on 9/29.

The organization Shutfim L’Torah- Partners in Torah is coming out with a special project specifically for these 234 families, residents of Immanuel, located in the Shomron, and Beitar Illit, located in Gush Etzion. These families are desperate for help from our organization, but we are still missing funds in our budget in order to include them in our project.

Shutfim L’Torah- Partners In Torah was founded in 2015, with the support of R’ Shmuel Wosner, ztl, R’ Chaim Kanievsky, and R’ David Abuchatzira, The association gives support and assistance to approximately 30,000 families, of whom the head of the family is studying Torah. This gives these families financial support they would not have otherwise.

Through Partners in Torah, we can clothe and feed around 150,000 boys and girls, for whom this monthly support from Partners in Torah is which that allows them to come smiling and calm to their schools and classrooms.

We are undertaking a special, URGENT collection for these 234 families of Immanuel and Beitar Ellit, in order that they too can receive our organizations’ support.

.The annual support that each family receives is $600, and the organization has ALREADY raised $350 for each one of these families. Therefore, we need to raise another $250 for each family until the 9/29!


We are asking: PLEASE! Take on yourself the support of one family, or please give one dollar per family so that we can reach this goal!

Please remember, with your contribution of only $250, each family in the program will receive $600!

Please donate now, because in a week, it will already be too late to contribute!

All those who are able to participate in this fundraiser will be part of a joint Tefilah session at Kever Rachel- Rachel’s Tomb, located on the way to Efrat near Bethlehem, and it was to Rachel, our mother, who Gd promised that she would stand by us in times of trouble, until salvation.



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