Man found chained inside shed in Bedouin village

During demolition of illegal structures in village, police discover man inside shed chained naked to wall. 'I've been like this for years'.

Orly Harari,


A senior police officer overseeing the demolition of illegal structures in a Bedouin village in southern Israel made a disturbing discovery, a police spokesperson reported on Tuesday.

While walking through the village, the officer heard crying from inside a tin shed. When the officer opened the shed, he was stunned to find a man, in the nude, bound to the wall of the shed with iron chains.

Israeli police unchained the man and removed him from the shed. He was then transferred for medical treatment.

The man told police he had been chained in the shed for years.

Police notified local social welfare workers regarding the incident.

According to the initial investigation, the man was locked away in the shed by his family due to an unspecified condition, and because he had been throwing stones at local children.