Arab crime isn't just about terror

Arabs start a pirate landfill near Asa'el, polluting the area and creating a health hazard for residents.

Ido Ben Porat ,

the landfll
the landfll
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Regavim has warned citizens of a pirate landfill that has been created next to the town of Asa'el, in the regional council of the Hevron Hills, causing pollution and disturbances, as well as disrupting residents' quality of life.

Regavim attorney Boaz Arzi wrote a letter to GOC of the Central Command, Roni Numa, and to the head of the civil administration, Brigadier General Achvat Ben-Hur, stating that "north of the town of Asa'el, on the edge of As-Samu' village, a pirate landfill has been recently started. This landfill pollutes the environment and harms local residents."

According to Arzi, the landfill was pre-planned, with preparations involving not only digging, but also heavy engineering equipment.

"No one is arguing about the fact that landfills are a very serious environmental concern, that harms both the environment and the landscape. However, in addition, the garbage dumped into this landfill is also being burned, causing the local residents - both Jewish and Arab - to suffer both from problematic odours and from possible damage to their health."

Attorney Arzi emphasized that we are not talking about the simple, dry, house garbage, that is found in every garbage bin. Indeed, the large sewage pipe prepared for this landfill is testimony to the fact that the site is also used for liquid garbage, which is "a disturbing fact when we are discussing pollution that can be absorbed deep into the earth [and] over a wide area.

"In light of your responsibility to uphold the law in this area, we hereby demand that you take action to inspect [the site] and enforce the law against the site and its many activities, including the issuance of orders, confiscation of tools [and materials], and putting an immediate stop to the progress of the situation, while working to rehabilitate the area environmentally," wrote Arzi to the GOC and to the head of the civil administration.

Oved Arad, head of the land department in Regavim, warned that "the smoke crosses virtual borders, and the liquid garbage seeps into the earth. Earth and sky pollution are not bound by virtual borders. The authorities must deal immediately with this issue, and take the criminals to court."

"Our problems with Arab criminal activity in Judea and Samaria do not end with security problems," said Hevron Hills regional council head, Yochai Damari. "It shows itself also as environmental harm, dangerous driving culture, and stealing government land. We are constantly working to bring all law enforcement bodies to deal with the issues that harm our residents, and eat away at the sovereignty of the State of Israel."

This is a repeated crime, of dumping garbage in a way that harms the residents and the environment," Damari added. "At the beginning of this year, we closed down a site like this. I thank the administration's department of inspection for helping us."

Arutz Sheva turned to the head of the civil administration, who responded that "the inspection department works to enforce [laws against] illegal buildings, including this landfill site [...] Since it is impossible to easily access the specified area, we will need to enter with operational forces."