Before Yom Ha-Din help children

Reverse the decree: All children deserve hot food on the holidays.


help Children
help Children
צילום: שאטרסטוק

There is no way to know what decrees, gezeirot, exist in the Heavens against us and those we love for the coming New Year. This is the time of year to take these matters seriously, as we near the Day of Judgment, Yom HaDin, where we will stand before the King of the Universe and our future's course will be decided.

How quickly the year has gone by, how quickly the promises and determinations of last year have faded, and here we stand once again, empty handed, at the trial that has the power to shape out future and that of our loved ones.

It is not always simple to find ways to prepare yourself during the month of Elul that precedes the High Holy Days, but one thing is very clear: Thousands of desperate families are begging you to reach out and help them.

Before Yom Ha-Din help children

In your hands lies the possibility to change the fate of the 6,000 families supported by Kupat Ha'ir. Feed these hungry children, and give a glimmer of hope to the parents facing those hungry eyes, knowing that the expenses of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot have yet to come.

Now you can come to the Yom HaDin with the smiling eyes of these children as your defense. For yourself, and for these families, this is your opportunity to change the lives of children who live in fear of hunger. The expenses of the holidays are not easy for any of us. But for these families it is a matter of obtaining the most basic things that they need.

Please give generously, and may these donations serve as a merit, a zechut, for you to be written in the Book of Life, sefer chaim tovim, for a year of peace, health and happiness.