Baby Was Born Without An Upper Lip

Letter from a father: 'My baby was born without an upper lip - please help us get the surgery he needs.'

Moshe Dov Hacohen Rosenfeld, | updated: 11:44

The baby
The baby
צילום: יח"צ

My dearest friends,

I would like to tell you about the birth of my sixth child B"H. My home has been blessed and my son Yitschok Menashe was born.

The baby was born with an intricate medical condition…he has no upper lip. This makes it almost impossible for him to suck. The baby is in pain a lot and also hungry…he cries so much out of frustration, our heart goes out seeing him so.

As my job as a teacher in a school takes me out of the house for the biggest part of the day, the task of juggling the baby's needs and giving the other children their needs (the oldest is 8) falls upon my wife. This job uses up all her mental and physical strength!

Now we have been informed by a well-known medical advisor, that with God's help it is possible to operate on the baby. It would be a series of difficult operations and treatments that can be done in England.

The complete hospital stay and cost of these treatments is very expensive, and we would have to travel to England to do them. This is in addition to the medical expenses we have here.

And so, I ask of you, to please assist me and my child in this difficult time of need with financial aid.
Surely the merit of this mitzvah will bring upon you many years of peace and only good tidings.

Please help, the matter is urgent

Moshe Dov HaCohen Rosenfeld and family

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