Rabbi suspended from lecturing to return to duties

Rabbi returns to duties after he was suspended for discussing bus segregation in public lecture.

Shlomo Pyutrokowski ,

Egged bus
Egged bus
Photo: Meir Salah

Following an exposé published in an Israeli weekly on the continuing suspension of lieutenant Rabbi Shimon Hartman, Arutz Sheva was informed that his suspension from lecturing was terminated.

Rabbi Hartman was suspended from lecturing after he publicly stated that gender segregation on buses shouldn't be categorized as "exclusion of women," an accusation often leveled at stringent Orthodox gender segregation practices. When his words were publicized on Army radio, Rabbi Hartman was suspended until an inquiry could be completed.

Also, during the same period, Arutz Sheva learned that a lecturer from the Education and Youth Corps was also suspended for making provocative comments during a talk on the Book of Esther. In her case, too, the suspension was only until an investigation could be completed. However, while her case was presented to the head of the Manpower Directorate and settled quickly, the investigation of Rabbi Hartman was withheld, even though it had already been completed for a month.

Rabbi Hartman's case was closed after it gained publicity, and he is expected to return to his regular lectures.