Secularists plan Shabbat party in Bnei Brak

Secular activists propose 'Shabbat desecration party' in haredi city.

Yoel Domb,

A haredi Jew and a secular Jew talk in Jerusalem
A haredi Jew and a secular Jew talk in Jerusalem
Flash 90

"the Bnei Brak Shabbat street party"- this is the title of a Facebook page opened in the last few hours by secular activists looking to fight the growing attempts to restrict Shabbat commercial activity in Tel Aviv.

The activists wrote that "it is time to roll up our sleeves and fight for the right to live. It is impossible to remain silent after the status quo has been rescinded. It is impossible to curb people's movements on Shabbat and on weekdays because of haredi political caprices."

The activists intend to hold their party next week in Bnei Brak and call on whoever "does not want to see the haredi revolutionary guards of Tel Aviv" to take part in their initiative. They claim that despite doing army and reserve duty, paying taxes and working "like donkeys", they are about to be overwhelmed by an "extremist minority."

The initiator of the party called on people to "come to Bnei Brak next week with megaphones. music and lots of high spirits to prove to everyone that the secular public is not a pushover and will not remain silent."

"You have passed the borders and now the border police will come after you."