'Begin building now, don't wait!'

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel met with Migron evacuees and called upon them to begin building their homes at the new site.

Netanel Katz ,

Uri Ariel visits Migron
Uri Ariel visits Migron
Yair Uriel, Migron

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel met with Migron evacuees a week before the fourth anniversary of the evacuation of their community. Ariel urged Migron residents to begin building their permanent homes at the new site.

During his visit he went to an observation point on Giv'at Hayekev where the permanent homes are supposed to be built and then planted a carob tree and called on all the children of the community to learn from Rabbi Kook's ways and to join him in covering over the new sapling.

Afterwards the minister told the residents that "We are planting a carob tree because we run for long distances." The carob tree is known for its long life and the long period between planting and producing fruit.

"Everyone in the government knows that you are these kind of people and you do not give in, but we must work together with all of our abilities so that the government decision to build Migron will be implemented a long time before this tree produces fruit. In my opinion we should go up with tractors and shovels and begin building without waiting any longer."

The rabbi of the community, Rabbi Itai Halevi, emphasized in the meeting the deep involvement of Ariel during the whole period of Migron's struggle and praised the minister's commitment to strengthening both national and holy enterprises.

The deputy head of the Binyamin Regional Council, Yisrael Ganz, responded to Ariel and said that "The council has invested a lot of money and effort in promoting the building plans as soon as possible but it is impossible to ignore the fact that the building plans are being delayed for political reasons and not for developmental reasons.